Hair-types & styles: 

Creating and trying out new hair-styles for your hair can be fun, enjoyable and 
exciting. When people change styles of hair, their either just wanting a new look 
or for a reason on what type of hair they have. The hair can be difficult to 
handle, UN-comfortable, doesn't suit you or it just generally doesn't look right. 

Healthy hair:

Looking after your hair can be expensive and frustrating, so that's why 60% of 
under 18 eighteen girls prefer to use heat on hair. Products have been sold in 
stores around the globe for heat damaged hair. Young girls are being scammed 
by purchasing the products which have been said they are improving, stopping 
and doing an excellent amount of work on heat damaged, fried and burnt hair. 
Most hair salons and dressers are giving advise to women that buying hair 
solutions, spray and other products from there location may be more of a cost 
but much worth it than walking away from a beauty store with products which 
are most likely not doing what they say their doing.

Once people have bought the product, they have the choice of rating the item 
online if the store has an online purchasing website. Below are some high rated 
products from different shopping stores which have been rated from customers 
who have seen, heard or experienced their self with the products. 

Shampoo and conditioner: 
John Frieda Frizz - Ease Curl Around Style Activating Conditioner

Price: £5.50

John Frieda Frizz - Ease Curl Around Style Activating Shampoo

Price: £5.50